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Wondering why your competitors are surpassing you? It is possible that it has something to do with their site and what is on it. Your website needs to have exposure. When we say exposure, we mean in search engines like Google. Over 90% of online experiences start with a search engine; therefore, your website design Philly has to be optimized for the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) practices. When you choose our Web Design Agency Philadelphia, you are certain to have a site optimized for SEO. Your website must be mobile-friendly. 57% of all US internet traffic today comes from tablets and smartphones, and 57% of users say they will not suggest a company with a poorly designed mobile website. If that is not enough to persuade you, Google also ranks mobile website design Philly higher in the search results.

Your website design Philly has to be secure. Data breaches and hacked consumer info have been big topics of discussion recently—and your site visitors know that. In case Philly Website design has someplace in it, which users are able to fill in personal info (even if it is simply a telephone number and email address), it must be protected. Google also gives preference to secured Philly website design in the search engine results. Your Web Design Agency Philadelphia has to be fast. Website visitors have to see something happen on your Philly website design in under 3 seconds. If not, 40% of them will leave and go to the next site. Actually, a one-second delay can result in a 7% reduction in conversion.

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Website designers near me must build an ideal user experience. Once your page loads, users create a viewpoint in 0.5 secs. They plan to have the ability to find info quickly and easily—particularly out of a mobile device. You have a lot of options with regards to web design companies, so why pick our web development company in Philadelphia? As an entrepreneur, your site must meet your needs. Since establishment ten years ago, Philadelphia SEO Consulting has specialized in custom, sales-driving web design Philly. Our work ranges from highly personalized, enterprise-level web portals down to website designers near me services for SMEs—we assure you will find something you love.

Modern website designers near me are much more involved in producing an appealing site. Consideration of user experience, SEO, simplicity of use, and technical details are only a couple of components that are involved in building a Philly website design that's created to perform in today's competitive marketplace. Our web development company Philadelphia has established a multitude of good services to facilitate the progress of your company.

These include WordPress sites and eCommerce solutions focused on responsive design and usability, innovative branding solutions that inject personality into your company, and custom programming for ideas that requires help in bringing to completion. Whether you are needing a simple WordPress site to get your business online, or perhaps a far more complex eCommerce site, our we development company Philadelphia staff can help bring the your visions to life.

Here is how we will help you become a digital success!

Step 1: Understanding the Business
Every business has a unique set of requirements with different customer mindsets. Understanding the brand, needs, business objectives, and goals helps us design the most powerful web designs for YOU!

Step 2: Researching the Market
The digital world is under constant evolution which is why before we get into the designing process, we will carry out thorough market research. Researching the competitors helps us make something that is BETTER, more POWERFUL, and exceptionally EFFECTIVE!

Step 3: Design & Development
We work tirelessly to create impressive site structures that are easy to navigate that add to the overall UX quality. The design of the website is always in perfect alignment with YOUR brand story!

Looking for a service that can create the best business web design in Philadelphia? You have come to the right place! Set the Tone of Your Business Right with a Compelling Website. Fill in the form for a FREE marketing audit, TODAY!

WordPress Development

WordPress Development – An easy-to-use, search engine friendly, flexible development platform is now used on more than 35% on all sites. WordPress has a user-friendly content management system (CMS), which lets you quickly make modifications on the fly. This is search engine friendly, easy to edit, highly customizable, and the most popular CMS in the world.

Responsive Philly Website Design – With more than 50% of all web traffic coming out of a mobile device, creating a mobile-friendly site is no longer an option—it is a need. All of it begins with a responsive Philly website design.

Responsive Philly website design allows your site to adjust to and present an optimal experience on any device it is being seen from. What this means is that your site is going to look great and function flawlessly for a user on a desktop computer, tablet, laptop, and smartphone.

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Every site created by Philadelphia SEO Consulting utilizes responsive Philly website design, adapting absolutely to each device users are accessing it from. Mobile-friendly, design for each device, positive UX, and helps SEO.

WooCommerce = eCommerce – WooCommerce provides you with the capability to promote online, 24/7, with a delightful customer experience you will not find elsewhere. Powers more than 30% of all the internet stores, built on WordPress, easy store management, and eCommerce optimization.

If you’re a digital marketing agency or offering social media management services, a responsive website design will help your customers a lot to browse on your site quickly. It will enhance your site’s user experience.

Website Redesign

Website Redesign – Currently have a site, but it is not converting? It might be time for a redesign. Redesigning your site can mean various things. In case you have had your site after the era of Yahoo Messenger and Friendster, it is undoubtedly time to get it to the future. We are here to allow you to develop a far more modern, contemporary look and layout with sleek functionality and eye-catching aesthetics for your site.

Our site design service has much more than simply a decorative feature for your redesign task. We will provide our clients with an experience that will make them remember your brand name. Working with us as your web development company Philadelphia, we will keep your site up-to-date with trends, and so it remains to look stunning and fresh for today’s customers.