Driving increased traffic on your website is not a win, but high conversion rates are definitely something to celebrate!

Are all your marketing efforts focused on driving increased traffic to your website? You might want to revisit your strategy. Why? Attracting huge traffic to your website is not a victory until the increased traffic boosts the conversion rates.

The day you succeed in driving increased conversion rates is the day you can celebrate your victory.

Crafting super-engaging content can help you with your conversion rates. However, if you want to give your business a boost, there is only one way to do that – Powerful Calls-to-Action (CTA). It is one of the most effective parts of a marketing message, but it is often underrated. Companies focus on their content, website design and development, advertisements, social media profiles while paying little to no attention to CTAs. The content on your website can engage and impress your audience, but if the CTA is not smartly designed or strategically placed, it can prevent a website visitor from turning into a customer. The majority of   businesses fail to use call-to-action to its fullest potential, and it might be the only thing stopping a business from performing at its best. If you are struggling with your conversion rates, it is time that you start working on creating strong, engaging, and effective CTAs.


Do you want to know how powerful a call-to-action (CTA) is? Well, it is a bridge between your marketing efforts and sales. The quality of CTA you design determines the effectiveness of all the branding and marketing you invest your time and money on. While your marketing efforts ensure that a target customer visits your website, a CTA ensures that the visitor takes action.


Two things that you need to be sure of when designing CTAs are clarity and conciseness. The most powerful call-to-action are the ones that serve their purpose in minimum usage of words. Remember, there is a small space for you, CTA, and you have to make an impression.

Aim for maximum effect with minimum words!

One thing you can do here is to try to incorporate strong command words at the start. The bottom line is to cut straight to the point in the most effective manner. The command verbs that might do the magic for you are to buy, shop, order, download, subscribe, or “fill out the form.”


Do you know the secret of a CTA that converts? Building an emotional connection and stirring enthusiasm. When designing a CTA, you need to use words that help a reader connect with you and your brand emotionally.

Hit the pain points, stir emotion, & convert!

A smart way to do that is to hit the pain points. It can invoke emotion in a reader and even stir enthusiasm in them. Do not forget to end your sentence with an exclamation mark. Using a single exclamation mark can make your message pop that attracts the website visitors.


You might not believe it, but if a visitor has come to your website, they are looking for a reason to connect to you and your brand. What do you do when someone is looking for a reason to buy your product? You give them the best reason.

Give your audience exactly what they are looking for!

Your CTA needs to give the reason that a visitor is looking for. A little research and playing around with words might do the magic for you. An effective call-to-action gives an audience a push that converts them into a customer.


When it comes to marketing, human psychology plays a crucial role. Impulse buying is one of those marketing tactics that retailers use to increase their sales, and it is based on human psychology. There is another strategy that can help you win your customers through a CTA – FOMO. Instill fear of missing out on your audience to boost your conversion rates! Fear-Of-Missing-Out is one of the significant forms of a motivator. When a visitor is convinced that not taking action will lead to a missed opportunity, they will not think twice when taking action. Some ways you can do that is by using terms like sale, promotion, or discounts,As soon as FOMO hits them, they will hurriedly hop on the bandwagon.


One of the most important factors to consider here is customization. Your website will receive traffic from all devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. For businesses looking for ways to enhance their CTAs, they must think about customizing them for different devices.

Impress the audience by customizing the CTAs!

It is important because the user behavior depends upon the type of device they are using. A CTA that is working wonders in converting the audience visiting from PC might not offer the same results when it comes to users of smartphones or tablets.

Let’s be honest; without a powerful CTA, all your hard work and marketing efforts will all go to waste. And nobody wants that, right? Enjoying increased traffic with high conversion rates is a dream every business owner lives with, and call-to-action might be the only thing standing in their way.

If you are thinking of ways, you can stay ahead of the competition, increase conversion rates, and generate high revenues, hiring a smart digital agency might be the perfect option for you.


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