The only way for businesses to survive today is through a powerful digital marketing strategy.


Crippling economy, with businesses being shut down and countries being forced into complete lock downs, COVID-19 has now turned into a global pandemic. With millions of people dead and thousands of people infected, the world has fallen into a state of uncertainty. People are now being pushed into survival mode. At present, the world’s condition is similar to that of being stuck in a dark tunnel. The light at the end of which is nowhere to be seen. On one hand where businesses have been shut down and a significant portion of the workforce is being laid off, on the other hand, the outbreak of corona virus has broadened the digital world.
As businesses cannot operate in brick-and-mortar workplaces, an increased number of companies have adopted the concept of ‘work from home.’ Moreover, with no restaurants, cafes, parks, and libraries to go to, a rise in online traffic has been observed.  
Be it a small-scale startup or a Fortune 500 company, the only way to stay afloat during an uncertain time is by boosting the digital footprint. And digital marketing is the only answer!

Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in Time of Uncertainty

It is time that you, as a business owner, start improving your strategies by working on your COVID-19 digital marketing. However, directing your efforts in the wrong direction will negatively impact your footprint and identity in the digital world. If you want to enhance your marketing efforts, you need to do it right!

Interactive Content is the Right Way

We all know, “content is king,” but in the present situation, interactive content is the ‘right’ king. Content marketing has always been the top digital marketing mode; however, it is time that companies start using interactive content on their websites and online stores.

Create Experiences. Capture Attention. And Convert.

Interactive content can help you create unique experiences that capture attention and impress the masses. If your content can do that, you will definitely see a rapid increase in conversion rates. You let your audience participate and engage, which is a much better strategy than passively reading or watching. Quizzes, assessment tools, asking for suggestions, polls, you can do plenty of other stuff  to capture the attention of your target audience. Did you know that more than 80% of the marketers believe that this form of content is much more effective in educating the readers? It is how effective interactive content can be for your business.

Get All Tech-Savvy and Choose AR & VR

Are you in search of ways you can boost your digital marketing strategy? You need to hop on the AR and VR spectrum because this is one of the most rapidly growing trends in the sector. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are gradually making their way into the world of marketing. Looking for reasons to incorporate this technology into your strategy? Well, here is one – experiential marketing. The moment you are successful in creating an emotional response in your audience, the chances of a user taking an action increase two folds.

Become a Trend Follower and Upgrade Your SEO Efforts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best digital marketing technique. It raises a website’s rank on the Search Engine Result Page and establishes a continuous stream of inorganic traffic. What more could an online business want?
SEO never gets old and always stays in the picture. It is due to this reason; hundreds and thousands of businesses hire a top digital marketing agency to boost their SEO efforts. The search algorithms are always changing because search engines are smart. 
If you want to rank high during an era where every company across the world is aggressively working on their SEO, you need to up your SEO game. The practices that were working wonders for you last year will not produce the same magic today.
There is one secret for succeeding with SEO, and that is continuous efforts and updating!

Don’t Forget the Mobile Device Users

It might not come as a surprise to you, but quarantined life has drastically increased the number of mobile device users. Mobile devices have always been a part of the digital strategy as the majority of internet surfers use their phones to do searches.
During COVID-19, eCommerce businesses have significantly benefited because the number of people who use the internet for services has increased considerably. Now is the perfect time to invest your efforts in designing a mobile-friendly website. Instant logins, fast loading speeds, and flawless page transitions are the features that you need to add to your mobile site.
Not having a website for your mobile users means cutting down all your possible growth opportunities during a time where businesses are drowning in major losses. Think wisely and start working on the mobile version of your website today!

Don’t Forget Paid Marketing, Adjust Your PPC Campaigns

The term ‘COVID-19’ is dominating the search terms, which means it is time to act smartly. People are searching for it because they want to know. Gear up because you need to work on new search terms for your PPC campaign. To know the trends of searches being made, you can use Google Trends, which is one of the smartest ways to understand the search trends. It even launched the new Google Trend Coronavirus Hub, which helps businesses understand the COVID-10 search terms which they can use to improve their marketing efforts. There is no denying there; the upcoming months, weeks, or even years will bring a tough time for businesses. Companies who act at the right time have a better chance of catering to all the issues that may arise in the future. Right now, hiring a digital marketing agency or a smart SEO consultant is your best chance at survival in the digital world.

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